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Do you need to get things and get things done? Pikwik is the new marketplace app where you can pick all the things you need, love, and want from your favorite stores and get them delivered wherever you are. Currently operating in Lebanon

App features

Enjoy direct access to stores & services

Enjoy quick and easy delivery from some of your favorite stores or order the services you need to get your day going with Pikwik.

Pick up & deliver anything

Along with ordering items to be delivered to you, our reliable courier partners will be your go-to when you need something picked up, delivered, or both!

Keep track of your order

From the moment you make your order, you can keep an eye of where in the process your order is, helping you gauge your time more efficiently.

Track your driver

Is your order on its way to you? Keep track of your driver’s journey from the moment he leaves to the moment he’s at your doorstep.

Pay by cash or credit

Whatever your payment preference, we’ve got you covered. Cash works, credit too – you pick, we’ll deliver… quick!

Tip the driver, cashlessly!

Gone is the awkward moment when you want to tip, but all you’re armed with is a credit card and a smile. Now you can tip directly from the app, choosing the amount you want to spend when you make the order.


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Courier Services

Beauty Services


Office Supplies


Pet Products

Sports Items

Local Produce

Organic Products

Child Care

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